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those of our kids fighting, still, that insane and useless war is that all our brave sons and daughters who return to our country to face the same shit those named heroes experienced, the same generational types will invade the shipyards, airport’s with thee shameful signs that explain, under their radar what OUR military is all about. defenders?what do we need from our enemy that we are currently fight for? OIL? we, U.S. do already have tons in the huge storage tanks dotting the midwest, and it seems to David Buckle that when, and if those huge tanks of AMERICAN oil runs out, (one hundred year supply i heard) and all the wind, shale stuff they continue to hint at as our (U.S.) [ not USA, that (US’A’) a for profit, not sure what kind of profit, either co. that is based in Duh-C ] there’s a mega hint by George that’s still remains U.S. of: both enemies, foreign, or DomestiC; those who matter, the Vet’s and current service members, hasn’t OUR USMC the will to follow that direction? trust… this’s not inciting any of OUR (U.S.PROTECTORS future activity; thinking how it is that these ideas come to this dependent’s mind 

on the cusp of a

coup d,e’tat ?

God forbid;

good Lord; help

those who tend to

see that ancient suggestion.

God be with U.S. all; so do come,

Lord Jesus, when it goes to H.e. double chopsticks,

“wear the full armor of God.”

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about our plans

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We like finding excellence in simple things and bring the best of simple, easy to find ingredients by working with their best combinations.



as though WP’s blocking reference, discussion, reply to this paragraph: WTH is in order.

is WP not allowing this – ARE YOU @ WP? just like the gajillion of other post’s by us.

the best we can figure is that due to the fact that we selling nothing that WP gets a cut of they employ the ‘mr. false’ webmaster guy or gal, who mess with our opinion.

surely this isn’t factual; and in our effort to discuss this it falls on deaf ears. WTH?

IF that’s best; at least WP could say, not in any way we’re suggesting that this’ so.

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ut sample ingredients

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God Calling
My children, I am here beside you. Draw near in spirit to Me. Shut out the distractions of the world. I am your Life, the very breath of your soul. Learn what it is to shut yourself in the secret place of your being, which is My secret place too. True it is, wait in many a heart, but so few retire into that inner place of the being to commune with Me.

Wherever the soul is, I am. Man has rarely understood this. I am actually at the center of every man’s being, but, distracted with the things of the sense-life, he finds Me not. Do you realize that I am telling you truths, revealing them, not repeating oft-told facts. Meditate on all I say. Ponder it. Not to draw your own conclusions, but to absorb Mine.

All down the ages, men have been too eager to say what they thought about My Truth, and so doing, they have grievously erred. Hear Me. Talk to Me. Reflect Me. Do not say what you think about me. My words need none of man’s explanation. I can explain to each heart. Make Me real, and leave Me to do My own work.

To lead a soul to Me is one thing, to seek to stay with it to interpret mars the first great act. So would it be with human intercourse. How much more then, when it is a question of the soul, and Me, its Maker, and only real Spirit that understands it.

Let go, let God.
The River…
was only
on the scene
hey, can you dig it?


even more frightening than THAT!


A dish to impress

You will not only learn new skills but you will also be able to share and impress you loved ones with your creations.


David Buckle 11:33 PM (0 minutes ago) to david pay attention prAy to this surrender – https://onlizinenet.blog – Kimber? would you go with me? – – – – Thousands of angels awaited the call of Christ on the day of the cross. “Do you think I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matthew 26:53) One legion equated to six thousand soldiers. Quick math reveals that seventy-two thousand hosts of Heaven stood poised to rescue their Master. – If God opened our eyes, what would we see? Moms and Dads, you’d see angels escorting your child to school. Travelers see angels encircling aircraft. Patients, you’d see angels monitoring the moves of the surgeon. Teenagers, would see angels overseeing your sleep. – RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg IT’S 2:00PM October 11, 2020AD 2:59PM View more posts

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