Be healthier, now


I will be your savior;

when there’s no one to

save you neat-o may be

quite the possibility…

ah, so hoped for, since

years ago when that one

discovery’s still in its

infancy. Nifty those idea

were. but not as realistic

as it’s considered possible

there’s a certain gift that

is sent from whispered urge

that construct prose destiny 

all for Lee’s talent; a mind 

composing being online in the

composition mood, that is more

apt to arrive his train, those

concepts, they were only urged

to concoct those nifty lyrics…

found making up that release; i

was so pleased to be that part;

in the birth month of 1990 in the

shack our boss provided. all for a

simple task of unboxing returns of

which were too many. education is

the key ingredient in the VHS tapes.

EVN was, or still is; It’s the NO. one

job to be when roaming those classes in

of that hippest state university:  SHSU

that Dazed City of that Huntsville,Texas

is still the backdrop: wild adventures of 

a musical kind. apart from a dance troop,

the photography climate was, and is still i

can safely bet, quite pleasant; THAT AND a 

rtf department that had, at least the 90 & 92

season’s, sorta cool DJ’s. THURSDAYS we had

hopped on down that hill to 17th Street’s bar;

joined with a more sedate pub, where beast is

the preferred ale uh, ah F-14 TOMCAT Pinball!

sheet, that swallowed many a quarter of Dave’s.

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