Hi there June 10, 4:28.19PM

okay rabbit…

now, 8:012.59AM2421AD

God has spoken once;
twice have I heard this; 
that power belongeth unto God.

Psalm 62:11
“Just go step by step. My will shall be revealed as you go.

You will never cease to be thankful for this time when

you felt at peace and trustful, and yet had no human

security.That is the time of trust in Me.

“When thy Father and Mother forsake thee, The Lord will take thee up.”

This is a literal Dependence in Me. When human support

or material help of any kind is removed,

to hen My Power can become operative. I cannot teach a man to walk

who is trusting to a crutch. Away with your crutch, My Power

shall so invigorate you that you shall indeed walk on to
Never limit My power.
It is limitless.

to love each other,even though oursare rarely in ourcompany, we’llget through…




BUT that was then; i’m over with the past.  

do not know why that episode came up, it

was then; the three helmets gave me clue; 

though – there are things that are paid to,

great deal, of attention. people aren’t too i

am settled; hope you all are.  Our future is

ours to take. Love is the answer to all of our

angst towards one another. wish we’d see that.

Lee Davila and my compositions, he word, me

trumpet lines; said to the world; what our take

of the world was that we hoped to convey, those

lyric subjects are not simple to bring up in regular

conversations;yet we talked a lot on the subjects in

side the dozen songs, and even that second album

which we both composed together, was a time and

place. Never had ‘i’ wished to have a second goat it.

to correct the mistakes would be to attempt to forge

the humanly decided fate that none of us down here,

on this planet, do, possibly attempted: manage ourselves,

taking the happenings into our subconscious brain, thinking

that everything in our days alive is personally directed fate;

it is to some degree;but we fool ourselves to imagine we are

those scenes directors. What events shape are the wonderful

gear shaft that are so very connected; to evolve into the short

play called ‘life’. Everyonehas a script that has the oddest ways

to fit into a final draft. We aren’t all privy to those events in our

respective futures. He likes to give us the opportunity to direct

those scenes that make upeach man and womans part. That is

called tour free will; and we all do have big roles in what occurs;

understand that; His collection of scene has the final effect, affect

too, but in the different context involving many variables that denote

that thing people attest to luck; whether it be bad or good. Think of the

outlined structure of all theyears of your life; maybe it’s a fun movie, may

be not. Have faith that we are all tiny pawns in the bigger chessboard that

is titled fate.

Do i sound stupid?

it doesn’t matter.

David Buckle11:01 PM
to who you are


or rather straightER

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