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Murray's Black Beeswax, 3.5 oz
Murray's Black Beeswax, 3.5 ozMurray's Black Beeswax, 3.5 oz

this $2.o8 container of of a month+ supply takes ultra care of itchy scalp!

noggin and elbows will fall, go bankrupt, be outdone. do believe you me.

review http://www.walmart.com/ip/Murray-s-Black-Beeswax-3-5-oz/10451913

hydrates the scalp big-time to this does completely rids you of dandruff…




see, this act stands to be more than our band ever was. we were only a crew of 6-7 guys in dazedland. that was the scheme of things in Huntsvegas: WHERUPON David slid through, but5 NOT completely through his way to emeritus. October second, 1992 @ 11:3? pm was his touch from Him:

Jose San MartinSun, May 17, 10:48.27:02 am (

His Gentle Touch  
Time can bring you down
Time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart
Have you begging, please
Begging, please…Eric Clapton.  

Every day in it’s own way is a battle.  

What was good yesterday may not be

good enough today.  One can be negative

and give up and say please no more or one

can look up into the heavens; say, thank You,

Lord, one opportunity to do good in Your name. 

Giving up hurts but is easy, to do that much good is

hard but so rewarding. If the message in the Daily Life

Lesson is not clear, please feel free to ask for clarification

or if you wish to submit a Daily Lesson please contact me @ hisgentletouch@gmail.com

DIG THIS ACT BELOW. i thinK they aught to be in discussion with NCL

see, in 2007 David was enrolled to UNCC to utilize that hip darkroom.

Marthe Strawn was the coolest prof. that decided, allow David the grace

required to print negAtives he had, still since his days roaming the hall into

destiny of what’s now named The Dan Rather Communications Building – SHSU.

with David and M.C., and John and Lee laying their burdens down one block from

the walls (if you saw from my second story window, next 2 my upstairs bedroom the

front entrance to that bastion of soul. along with rootska our feline that hung around,

Lee and i composed allot of the tunes for You Never Take Me Dancing – we hope all dig.

Cemetery image

tight trumpeta
onlizinenet.pictures/12608 the3rdon.live/8527 onlizinenet.pictures the3rdon.live.WordPress.com

open as wide as a barn door with a few of my friends

Kimbra is who i dig – Dave did choke; another kid who choked; David was just in his way.

THISX’s for Eyes
was a dream not yet realized for dave rave, he was so very fortunate
discovering Internet Underground Music Archive, in 1995, Charlotte’s
main public library
he had been online since that year ONLY WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Todd Rundgren, David Buckle was able exorcise the thing

onlizinenet.pictures was always one to push the envelope in what he
created: an album with five others; glad i had had some influence



in mid 1992

David’s delivered

back to his birthplace

North Carolina. think i’ll

By the time, 1991, the band composed an entire album worth of music then,
of songs. Producing a new cassette of material created during their
all so brief “15 minutes of fame”; released in 1994, not depending on no
influence from David Buckle. who’s only claim was to compose those
trumpet lines, they’re played by Victor Zapata. Good job neighbor

with rIOrARErECORDS, it’s David’s independent music label being
devised in 1988 with much unknown learned effort from EricB.
Within the constraint regrets of was almost gettin’ there
was delivered from his bondage: Oct. 1992 that age 22
of my girlfriend @ Elm street, in Huntsville, TX.

At a most perfect time: 11:–.?.o
as he was headed home from five
hours of happiness, working at the register at that hamlet’s better record store:

Hastings Records and Books
I-45 and Sam Houston blvd.

October, 1992

100 NorthTryon
suite b220-444
28202 United States

hey there…

Thanks for being a fan…

X’s for Eyes appreciates you…

NOW, having said that: i APPRECIATE YOU.
i’m David Buckle; played little horn
in the band with fellow music interested
college sophomores that hailed from Texas.

Huntsville, Texas’ better photo/RTF Uni.
Sam Houston State University.

Lowend: Read Jacobson – horn: David Buckle
Lead: Lee Davila – drums: Jonathan Chamrad
Percussion: Steve / Vanhorn – Lead Guitar: John Stansell, t-BONE bILL gRADY



Sheezus… wtf buyhim?

Why ask why?

It is always a good thing:
being inquiring true causes;
for all activity it ‘s all rooted in
meaning I believe. Just be very
careful to NOT be so anal about it.

Shit happens. Deal. The true reason
may take a while to figure out; have
Faith that it’s out there, where YOUR there is . . .

THETA CHI! Cody Taylor! saw hollywood stuff

it’s be wise to let them do their thing, in speaking with David Lowery, David Hines, Mike Score, Johnny Hickman, we better save our money, grow OLDer with smiles on our faces . . .

Accept, and go forward. One might drive oneself
insane over the question. oh, Thank you very much.


No photo description available.

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\ . . . . . . . : . . . . . . . . . __ onlizinenet.pictures __ . . . . . . . . . . : . . . . . . . /

we do believe KLJ would be an excellent act to have aboard a NCL ship.



Australia & New Zealand: Sydney, Melbourne & Wellington to Auckland

from Sydney, Australia

Melbourne offers an ideal blend of a vibrant city surrounded by extraordinary landscapes and abundant wildlife – where you can indulge in fine dining and local wineries or hang with irresistibly adorable koalas and kangaroos. Among Fiordland’s spectacular landscapes on the South Island, experience the awe of Doubtful Sound’s natural beauty on a kayak or boat tour. From Lyttelton, enjoy a short scenic drive to Christchurch for a stroll along the New Regent Street pedestrian mall or hike the Godley Head Coastal Walk past historic buildings to a penguin colony and soak in panoramic views.

  • Discover pristine amenities aboard the all-new Norwegian Spirit.
  • new destination sort of every day.


START PLANNING12 Days. 10 Ports. 1 Amazing Vacation.Browse your cruise options with 4 Sail DatesCRUISE ITINERARY OVERVIEWDAY 1 Sydney, Australia06:00 PM Embark

DAY 2 Garden of Eden, Australia08:00 AM – 3:00 PM

DAY 3 Burnie (Tasmania), Australia10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

DAY 4 Melbourne, Australia08:00 AM – 06:00 PM Marianne Klarica?

DAY 5 At Sea

DAY 7 Cruise Sound

DAY 7 Cruise Sound

DAY 7 Milford S. New Zealand

DAY 8 Dunedin New Zealand

DAY 9 Lyttelton New Zealand

DAY 10 Wellington New Zealand

DAY 11 Napier New Zealand

  • Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas- Norwegian's Private IslandGREAT STIRRUP CAY, BAHAMAS
    • Let me explain that THIS is a grrrEAT experience.
    • Bahamas: Great Stirrup Cay FloridaSailing
    • August,2021
    • March,2022
    • August,2021
    • March,2022
    • Enjoy private butler service in the Owner’s Suite.
    • Explore a new port nearly every day of your cruise.
    • Miami,Florida
    • Grand Bahama Island,Bahamas
    • Great Stirrup Cay,Bahamas
    • Nassau,Bahamas
    • Miami,Florida

just do it, we believe everyone should take at LEAST two cruises in this too short experience called living. This Norwegian Cruise IS the creme of crop.

Published by Peace be with all, now. =')

Just Jesus, my God bbn1.bbnradio.org/english/listen-now Would the Holy Spirit have anointed contentious disciples? To Peter, disharmony hinders prayer. He tells husbands: “Live with your wives in an understanding… Do this so nothing will stop your prayers” (I Peter 3:7.) Waiting on God means working through conflicts, forgiving offenses, resolving disputes, resolving disputes, “Always keep yourself united in the Holy Spirit, and bind your-selves together in peace” I do not promise My followers the world’s ease and pleasures. I promise those Joys that the world can neither give nor take away. I promise the heart-rest found in Me alone. It does not mean that all the beauties and pleasures of the world can be renounced, but that they must be enjoyed only after the treasures and Joys of My Kingdom have been learned, appreciated. Love Him. Home / Why Is the U.S. Constitution Important? CAREER PATH SHARE THIS PAGE Why Is the U.S. Constitution Important? Published: September 14, 2016 | Updated: November 18, 2019 Constitution Day is September 17th! Are you going to celebrate? Before you dismiss the idea of celebrating a piece of paper that’s almost 230 years old, you might want to consider just how important it is. The U.S. Constitution is at the foundation of every single law in America. It’s at the heart of how we think, act, and govern as Americans. History of the Constitution Once the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776, they had to get down to the business of running their own country. The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation in 1777, which was later ratified by the 13 original colonies. But it soon became clear that in their effort not to be dominated by a strong central government like the one ruled by King George III, they’d made their new government too weak. In 1789, a new constitution was adopted that created a stronger centralized government that shared power among three branches: executive (President), legislative (Congress), and judicial (Supreme Court). That document remains at the bedrock of the way our entire country is run and has an impact on all of our citizens –even you. 10 Ways the Constitution Affects Your Life 1. You get to vote in the upcoming election (if you’re 18 and registered) 2. You can go to any church you choose 3. You can say (and write) what you want 4. You can own a firearm 5. You can gather in a group and participate in a protest 6. Your property can’t be searched without a warrant 7. You can’t be forced to testify against yourself 8. You can’t be discriminated against 9. You’re required to pay income tax 10.You can have an alcoholic beverage https://onlizinenet.pictures days dig it? davebuckleslefthand.tumblr.com/archive

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