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Christ is First in My Life Because….

Christ is first in my life because He is magnificently first in everything.  It’s simply my recognition of who He is. 

 He is first because He is better than me at everything.  Anything I can try to do He can do it better. 

 He’s first because He passionately loves me.  There is nothing I can do to make Him love me more.  There is nothing I can do to make Him love me less.  He loves me perfectly right now. 

 He is first in my life because He is passionately crazy about me. Whether I’m doing well or not, whether I’m performing beautifully or not, whether I just sin miserably or not.  He is nuts about me.  He is crazy about me.  How can someone like that not be first?

 When they make you first…He made me first in his life, He went to the cross for me, He thoroughly sacrificed himself for me, He made me first.  When I come to grips with that depth of love, His Passion for me, it seems incongruent to allow anything else to be first. He’s got to be first. – Pete Briscoe

I Am Second

I really enjoy the “I Am Second” videos that shares testimonies of well known Christians.  The above quote is from Pastor Pete Briscoe from Bent Tree church in Texas. It really inspires me.  The way he describes God’s love for him, me, and you just resonates within me.  And the most beautiful part is that we can have the same effect on other people by sharing our testimony.

Your TestimonyGod gives us each our own personal testimonies to share.  Each one is unique, and each one has a specific purpose in God’s grand plan.  But what better way to start off a testimony than, “Christ is first in my life because…”

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He never stopped pursuing me.  Countless times I turned my back on Him not wanting anything to do with Him or His religion.  But eventually that road became dark, isolated, and lonely. But God’s arms where right there waiting for me when I came back.

I urge you to stop, take 10 minutes, and really think about your answer to “Christ is First in My Life Because….”  Jot down some notes, or relive certain memories where you knew for a fact God was there with you.   

Then, go out and share it.

God is always with us.


David believes that God is needed;
you a good person? Am here to be doomsayer IF this country does not awake from it’s doze, security sleep

We seek revival. We seek friends.

we hope for you all; that there be

peace in your days alive from this

day forth. Love everybody; today.

December 1, 2021 – Lord, Save Me

our God had/does save me; from all that

tarnishes all the purity of our soul. Safe

from harsh judgments. I REQUIRE the

need saving from the disobedience to

His Ten Commandments. I myself just

can’t seem to un-appreciate the allure

of the female form and from all those

offensive reaction that are just there

His Justice, sins against His Love...

to that hope that prayer He said, to

me: I help you, be thou clean, now

think your activity on ‘the internet’

as vanquished, gone, forgotten as

– https://youtu.be/QpF_reVcbCw

now hear some tune, not so much

words, but tune. Word’s go mess

with music. music, whether it be

Jazz or Mozart; great name for a

cat, those touch heaven, not the

‘words’ they are similar to video.

Television should never been in

music. That was and is devilish.


every once once in a while.


He is a beside you. A human Jesus,

who understands all your weaknesses,

and sees too your struggles and conquests.

Remember, I was the Companion of the Weak.

Ready to supply their hunger. Taught My followers

their responsibility towards all, not only those near and

dear to them, but to the multitude.

Lord, send them away that they may

go into the villages and buy themselves

victuals,” said My disciples, no sympathy

for the fainting, exhausted men, men, and

children. But I taught that Divine Sympathy

includes responsibility. “Give ye them to eat,”

was My reply.  I taught the pity, without remedy

for the evil, or the need, is worthless.

“Give ye them to eat.” Wherever your

sympathy goes out you must go too, if

possible. Remember that in thinking of

your own needs. Claim from Me the same

attitude now. Servant isn’t above his Master,

certainly not in

Spiritual attainments,

what I taught My disciples,

I do. So fainting and needy, by

the lakeside of life, know that I will

supply your need, not grudgingly, but

in full measure.

now in that i rest.


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