REMEMBER: Most of our stress comes from the way we respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude and all the extra stress vanishes https://youtu.be/bS7Ityj6KmM – Following proposal was made at The Foundations Conference in NYC Dec 19, 2019. This agreement is not an absolute promise, friendly, harmonious joint resolution of united prayer beginningContinue reading “www.sermonaudio.com/gbaptistchurch”


o n l i z i n e n e t . p i c t u r e s Without the Holy Spirit, Christian Discipleship would be inconceivable, even impossible. There can be no life without the life-giver, no understanding without The Spirit of Truth, no fellowship without the unity of The Spirit, noContinue reading “911218:15.33pm”

found an interesting book

grace abounding to the chief of sinners copyright 1959, by The Moody Bible Institute It is John Bunyan’s first book, written from prison. It us an autobiography which focuses on the stages of his religious pilgrimage — his early conflicts, his rebellion against God, terrible sense of guilt, illumination from a Bible, his conversion, hisContinue reading “found an interesting book”

September 29: Touching my Arm And we sought Him that we might only touch the hem of His garment; (not actually, like but that’s Faith for us…) And as many as touched were made perfectly whole. Matthew 14:36 Thy touch has still its ancient Power Yes! when you are quiet before Me I lay My Hand upon each head, and Divine Spirit flows through that healing, powerful Touch into your very beings. Wait in silence before Me to feel that. When you look to Me for guidance My Hand is laid upon your arm, a gentle Touch to point the way. When in mental, physical, or spiritual weakness you cry to Me for healing, My Touch brings Strength and Healing, the renewal of your youth, the power to climb and strive. When you faint by the way, and stumbling footsteps show human strength is waning, My Touch of the Strong and Helping Hand supports you on your Way. Yes! My Children, My touch has still it’s ancient Power, that Power is promised to you. So go forward into the future bravely and unafraid.