‘ve got something to tackle. the thing is a certain, sly, outwardly insignificant item that does fly under the usual current so many call a virtual home. by stating this is in no way inferring that i know jack-squat about the inner working of this here internet we all so enjoy playing or, for theContinue reading “OO”


Grow ever more and more conscious of this. Look upon all as under My Influence, life will become increasingly full of Joy. This Joy no man can take from you. This is the foretaste of Heaven, that will make your passing seem no death, and will mean that your spirit will be no stranger inContinue reading “SOMETHING’S WRONG, NOT TODD…”

July 15, 2o2o: Dial a phone number,

AT RANDOM, READ THIS SCRIPT WITH A DEEP SOUTHERN ACCENT; as well as: after visiting the Biltmore Estate, when you leave it in the front step out into that yard, walk about five hundred feet, step into their way big fountain WITH your shoes on, walk to the other side of it to the otherContinue reading “July 15, 2o2o: Dial a phone number,”

Huntsville, TX ( X’s for Eyes’ home office ) here‘s some more 40,129 – Population 24.14% – Poverty 66.38% – Share of Renter-Occupied Housing $137,600 – Median Property Value $30,799 – Median Household Income; so’s you know… have a nice day… like our 2nd reggae? Layout:List view Rank Play Artwork Album name Artist name BuyContinue reading “✞”