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Words of Life Is life busy, full of distractions and just super tiring at times? Wanting to be refreshed? Seeking to be more intentional with your time? Looking for a purpose in it all? In an ever-changing, uncertain world, there is hope for you and me. “LORD, to whom shall we go? You have theContinue reading “. http://en.gravatar.com/davidb48 .”

giving credit where due. forever

https://onlizinene019/11/24/christ-is-the-answer https://wordpress.com/post/onlizinenet.blog/1702 Promised Land  .—.   only their doubts and fears continually drove them back into the wilderness. Remember always, doubting delays. Are you trusting all to El; do you not? https://youtu.be/x-P1JquAy-4 this just in, it’s in the U.S. as well… You must trust Me wholly. This lesson has to be learned. You shall be helped,Continue reading “giving credit where due. forever”


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