change isn’t always a good thing, providing we look at it is a positive way. too bad you might be too cool for fun. will it take a tragedy for you to open up? ask yourself that… the3rdonlive.wordpress.com onlizinenet.wordpress.com never feel like a stranger

bedtime 11:17.O3 AM

how much do you require for a sharp and productive morning? “Never let the sun catch you in bed.” relax… new idea, for us, is: pick soothing calm podcast to have one under your covers by 1o.5. trust in yourself. we still have a long way to go. live for love, not only sex. thinkContinue reading “bedtime 11:17.O3 AM”


‘ve got something to tackle. the thing is a certain, sly, outwardly insignificant item that does fly under the usual current so many call a virtual home. by stating this is in no way inferring that i know jack-squat about the inner working of this here internet we all so enjoy playing or, for theContinue reading “OO”

oo Mothers Against Drunk Driving

The above tragedy is not an exact response in all patients; the brain is a wondrous organ. Where no physical brain matter regenerates or grows anew; the sheer power of the human brain to use the vast amount of brain matter none of us ever use; the UN-used parts of the brain to be RE-trainedContinue reading “oo Mothers Against Drunk Driving”