Thank you very much! hey here’s is a NC mountain radio! I wish it was easy or simple to describe what one feels about themselves. What I can definitely say is that I want to be more tolerant, accepting, informative, constructive and make this world a kinder place to live in. I believe we canContinue reading “Hello!”

ongoing letter to you

gospel.podbean.com onlizinenet.pictures/2020/12/12/jesus-christ-beglorified  https://onlizinenet.pictures/2021/04/20/220211247-53pm https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/83052518/posts/3336178631 just let U.S. wait on God’s direction; so what David has now is and was envisioned Christmas break while a junior in high school. feeling inadequate as a sinner; who could never thank Him enough for let- ting me do good with the talents He set in my soul to makeContinue reading “ongoing letter to you”

Houston? we have a situation…

collection of image, from David to you, if i stop dancin’ look… he interview took place at the Science Museum in London in 2016. It was a wide-ranging Q&A, but one of the topics was the photography from the Moon mission. And as Aldrin answered questions, he let slip what felt to many like aContinue reading “Houston? we have a situation…”

those unsure lose

May 19 2:22.57 am “You all be filled with the spirit.” Young, old, servants, businessman, seasoned saints, and new converts. The Spirit will fill all. No SAT (Spiritual Aptitude Test) required. You don’t need to persuade him to enter; he already has. Better set another place for dinner. You’ve got company.

Charlie Clayton

ATTENTION TO MY FRIEND WHO LET ME SEE, PHYSICAL LIKE, tHE cAROLINA tHEATRE IN 1996-7 RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE MAIN, PUBLIC LIBRARY IN 282o2, North Carolina, now that gem of a theatre already has major backing, funds and stuff; but it seems there is not enough gumption to build with this pandemuc a” stuff. ThisContinue reading “Charlie Clayton”

IT’S SUNDAY APRIL 11th 2021ad

God CALLING …. March 15 Guidance Is Guidance Be still before Me how often in a crisis man rushes hither and thither. rush is a sign of weakness. quiet abiding is a sign of strength. a few quiet actions, as you are led to do ’em, and is accomplished more quickly and more effectually thanContinue reading “IT’S SUNDAY APRIL 11th 2021ad”

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October 18, 4:45.34 pm WordPress.com/post/the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/537 WordPress.com/post/the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/537 smoother Nina Hagen SHRINE they’ve done gone on, some up some down… smoother still dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig am placing Honor and Glory at the feet of Him; thankContinue reading “44.59AM212101o2.55 pm M182o21o4:29.434 pm April4202117:00 pm October 18,4:47.03 pm”