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“and i’ll be your ma-annn, if you say it’s a gift…” o0 twelve o’clock, August 3, 2021 12:o1.34 pm https://www.onlizinenet.wordpress God‘s priority, however, is God. Why do the heavens exist? To flaunt God? “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Psalm 19:1 KJV this is very real, trust us . . . 0o .o.


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whoa there you.

Communion us more than a meal with Jesus. Qhat it c really is is about love and unity. Extend an invitation to someone to share a cup of coffee; avoid worry over the government, that will do us no good. if is not one thing it’s the other the more sure thing about U.S. isContinue reading “whoa there you.”